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Sound is Survival

Step up your game with superior audio. JBL Quantum 300 wired headset creates a new level of immersion thanks to JBL QuantumSOUND Signature and accurate audio positioning. JBL QuantumSURROUND™ generates a realistic soundscape that drops you in the middle of the action, gives you an edge, and maximizes your performance on your PC. Designed for durability, the lightweight headband and memory-foam ear cushions keep you comfortable. A flip-up, voice focus boom mic keeps the communication flowing with both allies and enemies.



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    Build quality feels sub-par. It appears to be entirely plastic and not particularly sturdy. They have little to no heft, which isn’t entirely bad I suppose.These are quintessential closed-back headphones.The clamping force on your head is definitely stronger than average – could be too tight for people with bigger heads. Predictably the seal is very good which cancels out a lot of external noise. The earpads are quite thick and soft which saves the day comfort-wise from the heavy clamp. I’d probs give around a 4.5 on comfort overall The lower mids are a bit muddy but nothing close to the mess of my pretty-but-special Razer Kraken. Certainly not my preferred headphones for music but not overtly offensive. I didn’t bother trying out the virtual 7.1 service yet because we really just play WoW, but I appreciate having the equalizer feature of the JBL software at my disposal.The microphone is what we’re most impressed with: we have 2 PCs right next to each other and the one has a clicky mechanical keyboard that kept being picked up on the old neighboring headset making open mic a no-go. This headset picks up maybe 5% of the keystrokes tops which we’re super pleased with. The flip to mute mic is a solid feature, though the click it makes to signify the transition is audible through the mic every time you mute w/ open mic on.The volume wheel placement kinda sucks. Its not intuitive to find nor to remember which way is up/down. Fiance doesn’t have a left hand so for them the dial may as well not exist, lol.I’d certainly recommend these for anyone that can take care of them. I don’t think they’d last a month of mild to moderate game rage or careless use, but I’m impressed by the both the sound and mic quality for the price point.

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