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Sound is Survival

Stay one step ahead of the competition. The JBL Quantum 800 headset gives you the edge with accurate spatial audio positioning, lossless 2.4GHz, and Bluetooth dual-wireless capability, Active Noise Cancelling, memory-foam comfort, and up to 14-hour battery life. Designed for total immersion, JBL QuantumSOUND Signature gives you a true audio advantage in battle. The microphone delivers clear multiplayer interactions, with a DISCORD-certified game-chat system, also compatible with TeamSpeak, and more. An ergonomic design with leather-wrapped, memory foam cushions keeps you comfortable for hours. The JBL Quantum 800 headset helps you level up, whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game.



3 reviews for JBL QUANTUM 800

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    Colton greer

    I have been waiting awhile now for these JBL headphones to drop and I am glad I waited. They fit very nicely and the ear cups are a little small but my ears are not gigantic like dumbo so that is okay.They keep outside noises out well even with the ANC off, with it on they are amazing, all I hear is my tinnitus before I hop on the game.I do like the led lights, I have not used them to the full extent on pc, I am waiting for parts to build a new one. My current PC has windows 7 (yes I know out of date) it downloaded the driver’s for the wireless usb adapter provided and i had no problems. They worked amazingly with World of Warcraft and had minimal problems on Discord.The microphone overall is very clear but very sensitive as well, and I love the mute feature on the mic when you put it in the upright position.I use it mainly on my xbox one x and it doesn’t even have to be on, since xbox does not support bluetooth headsets. Another thing is the adjustments on the overhead part of the headphones itself is very touchy and slides easily so be careful while setting them for your huge cranium or small noggin.Overall I feel the cons are too small for the pros, the surround sound is very clear and the headset itself is very clear, I have had no static or crackling issues with it so far.

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    Kindle Customer

    I give these 4 out of 5 because of the initial software updates and one other reason I’ll mention down below. After updating the dongle and it says plug in usb to do the other update I either plugged them in then turn on the headphones or I may have turned them off then on again and the last update worked. The build seems good as long as you’re not a rager. They seem pretty comfortable and don’t bother me in long gaming sessions. After you mess with the EQ a bit, they sound FANTASTIC. Don’t just use the preset EQ, mess with them and find your sound. Anyone here that say these sound like crap and weren’t able to do the updates…it’s because they didn’t do the updates. The noise cancelling is great. Except for the software updates the only other thing I’ve found that is a bummer is that YOU CANNOT CHARGE THE HEADSET AND USE THEM AT THE SAME TIME!!!! I emailed JBL and they said they did that “because of safety concerns “…whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. The headset turns off when you plug the usb cable into the computer….this is the exact same reason people are having trouble downloading the second update. It’s hard to believe that this was missed by them in quality control. So there it is. If you can get these to update and you can remember to plug these in EVEY time you’re done using them, they are pretty awesome.

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    Use to have a steelseries wired arctis 5 but it was “WIRED” i hate wired. I hate everything that deals with wires, it’s annoying.Anyways, i was looking for steelseries wireless headset that carry rgb lighting but none exist with rgb lighting “WIRELESS “ so i did my research and found this baby right here.The ergonomics are amazing! I don’t get tired of using them, downloading the app to the computer it will let yoh use the other functions with theLighting plus the equalizer as well.Jbl, you will never go wrong with jbl if you choose them. They have alot of good specs! Amazing audio chipsets and 3d sound. My cousins told me my voice sounds like if i was there with them in person while playing warzone on the party chat on the PlayStation 4. I didn’t believe it i doubted them so i asked them why. They told me my voice sounded super clear and no lag. I was pretty amazed to hear that, since wirelessly it can lag, but this didn’t happen. Plus the range is a good range to actually be wireless with the dongle and they have more good things as well, like for example you can charge them usb-c which is faster and plus the hardware is very new and it has double braided wires on the sides in order for the wires to not get damaged easily.It has amazing quality audio components the only downfall is that we cannot use this wirelessly whenever yoh are charging them. Anyways i always chrage them after every battle royale so they always ready to go for my sessions when iPlay with my cousins or my squads.I do strongly recommend them.

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